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MDGram is 100% SAFE, MDGram is an Android messaging app, for easy chatting, sharing, advanced features, and high-quality audio/video calls.



MDGram is a new messaging app designed for Android users, making chatting easy and fun with advanced features and high-quality audio/video calls. With a user-friendly interface, this messaging platform lets you personalize your messaging experience by customizing themes and using cool emojis, like ones from iOS, Windows, and more. It's all about making your chats uniquely yours. Plus, this messaging platform offers handy features like sharing your location in real-time, supporting multiple languages, and even interactive bots for added fun. While it's currently only available for Android, MDGram keeps improving to give users the best messaging experience. It's not just an app; it's a way to connect, chat, and make your digital conversations more personal and enjoyable.


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Seamless Communication

this messaging platform keeps you connected effortlessly across devices. Whether you're on your phone, tablet, or desktop, this messaging platform ensures a smooth experience. This flexibility allows you to transition seamlessly between devices, keeping your messages accessible wherever you are.

Seamless Communication

Enhanced Security

MDGram prioritizes your privacy with robust end-to-end encryption. Your messages, calls, and media are all shielded from unauthorized access, providing a secure and confidential environment. This advanced security feature ensures that your conversations stay private and protected from potential threats.

Enhanced Security

Voice and Video Calls

Experience top-notch audio and video quality with MDGram's voice and video calls. Connect with friends, family, or colleagues, enjoying conversations that feel like face-to-face interactions. this messaging platform prioritizes delivering an immersive and enjoyable communication experience.

Voice and Video Calls

Secret Chats

For sensitive conversations, this messaging platform introduces Secret Chats. Messages in these chats are self-destructing, offering an extra layer of confidentiality. This ensures your private conversations remain ephemeral, leaving no digital trace.

Secret Chats


1 Is MDGram available for iOS devices?
As of now, MDGram is exclusively designed for Android devices, providing a seamless messaging experience on the Android platform.
2 Can I use MDGram on my PC or Mac?
Currently, MDGram is optimized for Android devices, and while there isn't a dedicated PC or Mac version, users can explore Android emulators for desktop use.
3 Are MDGram custom emojis compatible with other messaging apps?
MDGram custom emojis are specifically designed for the MDGram messaging platform and may not display as intended on other messaging apps.
4 How do I report an issue or provide feedback about MDGram?
To report issues or share feedback, navigate to MDGram's settings, locate the "Feedback" or "Report Issue" option, and follow the prompts to submit your input.
5 Can I customize MDGram themes beyond the provided options?
While MDGram offers theme customization, extensive modifications beyond the provided options may require advanced knowledge, as the platform aims for user-friendly adjustments.
6 Are MDGram custom emojis compatible with all Android versions?
Custom emojis in MDGram are optimized for Android 10 and newer versions; users with lower Android versions may experience compatibility issues.

MDGram App Information


Customizable Themes

Make MDGram your own with customizable themes. Choose from a variety of options to match your style, creating a unique and visually appealing interface. This feature enhances the overall user experience by allowing you to personalize your messaging environment according to your preferences.

Multi-Account Support

Managing multiple accounts is a breeze with this messaging platform's easy-to-use multi-account support. Whether it's personal and professional accounts or shared devices, MDGram simplifies the experience. Switch seamlessly between accounts within the app, eliminating the hassle of logging in and out. This feature ensures you can navigate various aspects of your digital life effortlessly, offering a convenient solution for users with multiple accounts.

Cloud Storage

Wave goodbye to storage headaches with this messaging platform's user-friendly cloud storage. Safely store your photos, videos, and documents in the cloud, granting you access anytime, anywhere. Forget about device storage limits; this messaging platform cloud storage gives you freedom and accessibility for your media. This feature enhances your sharing and saving experiences, offering a convenient way to manage and access your media without fretting about running out of device space.

Stickers and GIFs

MDGram injects fun into your conversations with its diverse collection of stickers and GIFs. Express yourself creatively by choosing from a wide array of visual elements, adding vibrancy to your messages. Whether celebrating, consoling, or just expressing yourself, this messaging platform collection caters to every mood. This feature goes beyond text, making your conversations more engaging and lively. Elevate your messaging experience by turning every conversation into a visual delight with this messaging platform's expressive stickers and GIFs.

Channel and Group Features

MDGram simplifies group communication with its straightforward channel and group features. Perfect for organizing events or coordinating projects, these features provide an efficient platform for communication and collaboration. this messaging platform group features streamlined coordination, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Share updates, media, and information seamlessly within the group, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. This feature is designed for both personal and professional group communication, making this messaging platform a go-to platform for users looking to connect and collaborate with ease.

In-App Photo and Video Editing

This messaging platform makes content creation a breeze with its in-app photo and video editing tools, eliminating the need for third-party applications. Enhance your media before sharing it with friends, family, or colleagues, ensuring your photos and videos reflect your creative touch. This feature not only adds convenience but also empowers users to personalize their content directly within this instant messaging app. From adding filters to adjusting brightness, users can effortlessly modify their media without leaving the messaging platform, making for a seamless and user-friendly editing experience.

Real-Time Location Sharing

Coordinate meetups effortlessly with MDGram's real-time location-sharing feature. Whether meeting friends for dinner or ensuring the safety of a loved one, this feature allows you to share your current location in real-time. Simplify rendezvous and make plans with confidence, knowing the exact whereabouts of your contacts. This user-friendly feature adds a layer of convenience to your social interactions, making it easier to coordinate and ensuring everyone arrives at the right place at the right time.

Interactive Bot Integration

this instant messaging app introduces endless possibilities with its interactive bot integration, allowing users to access information, play games, or perform tasks seamlessly within the app. This user-friendly feature goes beyond traditional messaging, transforming this instant messaging app into a multifunctional platform. Integrated bots bring a new dimension to user engagement, providing not just communication but also functionality and entertainment. Whether seeking quick information, entertainment, or assistance, this instant messaging app interactive bots are at your service, adding a layer of interactivity to your messaging experience. Discover the convenience and versatility of this instant messaging app bot integration, making your conversations more dynamic and engaging.

 Message Scheduling

Never miss an important message with MDGram's user-friendly message scheduling feature. Plan and schedule messages to be sent at a specific time, ensuring your communication is timely and effective. Whether managing work tasks, sending birthday wishes, or coordinating announcements, this feature adds a layer of convenience to your messaging routine. Stay organized and on top of your messages with this instant messaging app intuitive message scheduling feature, ensuring your communications reach recipients at the most opportune moments.

Built-In Proxy Support

MDGram prioritizes accessibility with its user-friendly built-in proxy support, allowing users to bypass geographical restrictions and connect with friends or colleagues worldwide without limitations. This feature ensures that your messaging experience is not hindered by regional restrictions, promoting global connectivity and communication. Whether traveling or connecting with contacts from different parts of the world, this instant messaging app built-in proxy support ensures a seamless and unrestricted communication experience. Enjoy the freedom to connect globally without worrying about geographical limitations, making this instant messaging app a truly inclusive platform for users worldwide.

Multi-Language Support

This video calling & messaging app breaks language barriers with its user-friendly multi-language support, creating a communication environment where users can comfortably engage in conversations in their preferred language. This feature ensures inclusivity and promotes a global community, allowing users to communicate effortlessly in the language of their choice. Whether connecting with friends, family, or colleagues from different linguistic backgrounds, MDGram adapts to provide a smooth and inclusive experience. The ability to communicate in multiple languages adds versatility to this instant messaging app , fostering a diverse and global user community where everyone can engage comfortably in their preferred language.

Quick Replies and Mentions

MDGram keeps you on top of your conversations with its user-friendly quick replies and mentions feature, allowing users to respond promptly and ensure that no message goes unnoticed. This intuitive feature streamlines communication, making it easy for users to stay engaged in conversations without missing important updates. Whether managing work-related discussions or connecting with friends, its quick replies and mentions feature adds efficiency to your messaging routine.

Notification Customization

Tailor this instant messaging app notifications to suit your preferences with the user-friendly notification customization feature. Customize alerts, sounds, and vibrations to ensure that you stay informed without being overwhelmed. This feature empowers users to manage their notification settings, enhancing their overall messaging experience. Whether preferring subtle alerts during work hours or vibrant notifications during leisure time, MDGram's notification customization feature allows you to personalize your messaging experience according to your preferences. Stay in control of your communication and notifications, ensuring you receive updates in a manner that aligns with your individual preferences and lifestyle.

Data Usage Control

Efficiently manage your data usage with MDGram's user-friendly data control features, allowing users to optimize their settings and strike the right balance between functionality and conserving data. This feature provides users with the ability to control and monitor their data consumption, ensuring a mindful and tailored messaging experience. Whether on a limited data plan or simply wanting to manage data usage efficiently, this instant messaging app data usage control feature offers flexibility and control. Enjoy a messaging experience that aligns with your data preferences, allowing you to stay connected without compromising on data conservation. this instant messaging app puts the power of data control in the hands of its users, ensuring a personalized and efficient messaging experience.

How to Make Themes for MDGram

First step is to install this app and access the theme area within the app. So begin the installation of the app after downloading the file from this page. Once installed, navigate to Chat Settings and select "Browse Topics." Choose the theme you want to edit from the available options. Immediate Changes with the Floating Button To make immediate changes to the theme, locate and click on the floating button within the app.

Key Glossary for Theme Editing

For Bottom Bar:

‘windowBackgroundBottomBar’: Background color of the Bottom Bar. ‘chats_BottomBarActiveText’: Color of the active item in the Bottom Bar. ‘chats_BottomBarUnreadBackGround’: Background color for counters in the Bottom Bar. ‘chats_BottomBarUnreadActiveText’: Color of the counter text.

For Search Bar:

‘SearchBarBackground’: Background color of the search bar. ‘SearchBarText’: Text color of the search bar.

For Tab Folders:

‘actionBarTabLine’: Color of the tab selector line. ‘actionBarTabLine2’: Gradient color for the tab selector. ‘actionBarTabActiveTextLine’: Color of the active tab text. ‘actionBarTabUnactiveText’: Color of the inactive tab text. ‘chats_tabUnreadActiveText’: Counter text color for active tabs. ‘chats_tabUnreadUnactiveBackground’: Background color for counters in inactive tabs.

For Line Tab Selector:

‘actionBarTabLine’: Color of the tab selector line. ‘actionBarTabLine2’: Selector color for the gradient. ‘actionBarTabActiveText’: Text color for the active tab. ‘actionBarTabUnactiveText’: Text color for the inactive tab. ‘chats_tabUnreadActiveText’: Counter text color for active tabs. ‘chats_tabUnreadActiveBackground’: Counter background color for active tabs. ‘chats_tabUnreadUnactiveBackground’: Counter background color for inactive tabs.

For Conversation Entry:

‘entryBackground’: Background color for the chat entry. ‘chat_messagePanelBackground’: Background color for the entry panel. ‘chat_messagePanelIcons’: Color of icons in the entry panel. ‘chat_messagePanelHint’: Color of the entry hint. ‘chat_messagePanelSend’: Color of the send button.   By adjusting these color values in the MDGram theme editor, users can achieve a customized look reminiscent of the official Telegram, ensuring a visually pleasing and personalized messaging environment. Experiment with different color combinations to create a theme that suits your preferences.  

MDGram Custom Emojis

Inject a dose of personality into your MDGram messaging experience with custom emojis! Whether you're a fan of iOS, Windows 11, or any other unique style, we've got you covered. Here, we explore various emoji styles, including iOS 15.4 Unicode 14, JoyPixel 7.0 Unicode 14, Windows Fluenti 3D, Samsung Unicode 14, and the ever-popular Facebook Unicode 14. Before we dive in, a quick heads up: this method is currently tailored for Android 10 and newer versions. If you're rocking an older Android version, you might experience emoji compatibility issues.

Emojis Galore

Discover the richness of different emoji styles, ranging from the sleek iOS 15.4 Unicode 14 to the fun and dynamic JoyPixel 7.0 Unicode 14. Whether you prefer the 3D charm of Windows Fluenti or the familiar faces of Samsung Unicode 14, there's an emoji style for everyone. Explore and download the emoji packs to start expressing yourself uniquely.  

1.      Navigate to Settings:

Open the Settings tab in this messaging app to kick off the emoji customization journey for your instant reactions.

2.      Locate the Emoji Font:

Find the font file of the desired emoji style. The file format should be .ttf. Click on the file to select and apply your chosen emojis.

3.      Disable System Emoji:

Once you've successfully applied your custom emojis, it's crucial to disable the system emoji to ensure your newly customized set takes center stage.
  1. Enjoy the Personal Touch:
Congratulations! You've successfully applied custom emojis to your MDGram messaging. Revel in the personal touch these emojis bring to your conversations.


MDGram is a cool messaging app for Android users that makes chatting easy and fun. It's all about keeping things simple and letting you personalize your chats. You can choose themes and use custom emojis, making your conversations uniquely yours. With features like sharing your location in real-time, supporting multiple languages, and adding interactive bots for some extra fun, MDGram is designed to make your messaging experience versatile and enjoyable. While it's currently only available for Android, MDGram is always improving to give users the best chatting experience. So, it's more than just an app; it's a way to connect, chat, and add your personal touch to your digital conversations.